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Without HOURS in the Gym
Learn Methods I've Developed While Working as a Full-Time Fortune 500 Exec, Entrepreneur & MBA (with a background Plant-Based health & fitness)...
In ONLY 9 minutes a day!
FOR Women & Men at ANY Fitness Level
NO to grueling hours on the treadmill or stationary bike. NO to pools of sweat without results. NO to ineffective workouts.

YES to building muscle, melting fat & gaining energy!
TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE in only 9 minutes a day!

It's NOT about hours at the Gym
Sweat, Soreness, 10K steps, or the Scale

It can be VERY SIMPLE...



  • 9-WEEK EXERCISE SYSTEM: New Full-Body 9-min routines each week
  • ​NUTRITION GUIDE: Diet, shopping, cooking & meal tips - Plant-based options
  • VIDEO LIBRARY: Lifetime Access to all exercise & instructional videos
  • PRIVATE COMMUNITY: Only for members, for support, exclusive tips & more
  • LIVE DEMOS / Q&A: For our members-only private community group
  • ​GEAR & EQUIPMENT SUGGESTIONS: For exercise, apparel & accessories
  • FREE UPDATES: Updates to program exercises & materials are included
  • ​HOME, OFFICE & TRAVEL OPTIONS: Adaptable anytime & anywhere
  • FREE E-BOOK: Overview of program exercises, nutrition, lifestyle
  • HELP & SUPPORT: Free email & chat support for technical questions

COSTS LESS than a SINGLE personal training session!

See Below for details on Money Back Guarantee


  • STRENGTH: Get muscle tone & power
  • FAT LOSS: Burn body fat & get leaner
  • CARDIO: Improved heart & lung stamina
  • ENERGY & FOCUS: Be sharper all day
  • IMMUNITY: Bolster your immune system
  • STRESS REDUCTION: Less inflammation
  • BALANCE: Move with increased stability
  • POSTURE: Correct posture & back pain
  • MINDSET: Increase calm & confidence
Full-Body Exercises
Every exercise session is only 9 minutes & builds full-body functional fitness
Nutrition Guide
Shopping, cooking & eating guides that are easy to incorporate into your busy lifestyle
Easy to Follow Videos
Short videos that are easy to follow along with instructions & coaching for correct movement
Reference Manual
All aspects of the HAU 2 FIT ™️ program are detailed in our downloadable PDF
Lifetime Access
You will have access to all aspects of the program for life so you can refer to them anytime
Private Community
An exclusive private community for inspiration, accountability, Q&A, live talks & demos


  • SLEEP, REST & RECOVERY GUIDE: Optimize recuperation & relaxation ($60 value)
  • FOAM ROLLING TUTORIAL: Rehabilitate your muscles at home / anywhere ($100 value)
  • BREATHING & MEDITATION GUIDE: Supercharge your focus & energy ($75 value)
  • STRETCH & WARMUP TUTORIALS: For morning & pre-exercise routines ($100 value)
  • SMOOTHIE GUIDE: Simple, power-packed protein smoothie recipe ($60 value)


TOTAL VALUE of $1290

HI, I'm Chris LEE
UCLA Biology, NASM CPT, Pepperdine MBA
Media Executive, Entrepreneur, MBA & NOT your average Certified Fitness & Health coach
I'm in my 40's & I've worked as a full-time executive & entrepreneur for over 20 years in Fortune 500 companies & venture-backed startups & noticed my health deteriorate while working long hours to "make the world a better place." But realized the best way to improve the world is to start with my health & not settle for mediocre fitness.

So I drew upon my prior experience in the medical field & obtained education & certifications in fitness & nutrition in order to help myself & others like you. I created my super-efficient methods while still working 16 hour days in various executive roles & have included best training protocols of professional athletes, Olympians, celebrities & medical experts I've worked with in the East & West...
Now I want to share them with you!
  • Certified: NASM CPT, Fitness, Nutrition, Yoga, Pilates
  • Educated: UCLA Biology, Science & Medicine, Pepperdine MBA
  • Experienced: Training people in person, in gyms, in groups, virtually, different abilities
  • Balanced: Strength, conditioning, balance, mobility, flexibility & power, plant-based diet
  • ​Multifaceted: Concepts from Eastern & Western medicine, martial arts, yoga, dance, HIIT, bodyweight calisthenics, TRX, cross-training, racing & competitive team sports


Chris provides an excellent balance between intense exercise & a calm, measured pace. He has various different exercises which keeps the workouts interesting. I recommend him to anyone looking to improve their health, lose weight, or just get fit!

-David, CFA, Investment Portfolio Manager
Chris is motivational & results driven & has helped me adjust my workouts & eating habits. He really cares. Each session was different & just enough challenge. I would recommend Chris to anyone seeking guidance, expertise & fitness results!

-Sarah, MS, Educator
Chris helped me to improve my form in a way that I could never achieve myself by paying attention to the details of my shoulders, neck, & hip placement, & consistently providing adjustments throughout the exercises & input into my diet that enabled me to gain muscle.

-Sanjay, Managing Director, Management Consulting Firm
I have chronic neck pain & have had difficulties finding a trainer to work with my limitations. I felt supported & encouraged, & an expansion of my flexibility, strength & even felt psychologically healthier.  I highly recommend Chris to anyone.

-Justin, MD, Medical Doctor


  • You want to feel young & live a long life
  • ​You're stuck at your desk all day
  • ​You don't like spending hours working out
  • You want to lose some body fat
  • You want to chase / pick up your kids 
  • You want to get strong without big muscles
  • You're 100% committed to being healthier
  • You're not already a bodybuilder or athlete
  • You're tired of fitness trends & fad diets


What makes HAU 2 FIT™ different from hundreds of other apps & programs?
HAU 2 FIT™ is simple, science-based & effective in under 10 minutes a day, with minimal equipment or level of fitness & focused on low-impact functional movement so you can move your body as it's designed to move. It focuses on long-term holistic health (body, mind & soul) not on external aesthetics or social media trends. You won't find any other program out there that combines methods A) of a real-life Fortune 500 executive / entrepreneur / MBA, B) from best practices of East & West, C) gleaned from experience working with world-class professional athletes, Olympians, celebrities & medical experts, & D) from a certified fitness trainer with a UCLA Biology degree & science / medicine background.
Do I need any experience or level of fitness?
HAU 2 FIT™ is designed for everyone from a beginner to intermediate fitness level. We recommend that you consult with your physician, physical therapist and / or a medical professional before embarking on any new physical activity, especially if you have any pre-existing illness, injury or metabolic condition.
Do I need any equipment?
The majority of our exercises don't require any equipment, just your body weight, so you can perform them anytime & anywhere on the go. Occasionally you'll only need a pair of light dumbbells or water bottles. 
What kind of diet do I need to be on?
We recommend that you consult with a registered / licensed dietitian / nutritionist for your specific dietary & nutritional needs. HAU 2 FIT™ doesn't encourage restrictive dieting & instead recommends healthy lifestyle choices. While Chris is plant-based / vegan, the program supports healthy lifestyle habits & nutrition concepts which are generally inclusive and/or agnostic of dietary approaches such as ketogenic, intermittent fasting, paleo, Whole30, Zone, Atkins, gluten-free, organic / non-GMO, vegan/vegetarian, low carb, carb-cycling, etc., diets. 
What if I want to workout 3x a day or 7 days a week for hours a day?
HAU 2 FIT™ is designed to ELIMINATE excuses for not exercising & being healthy every single day. That's why it's simple & only requires 9 minutes a day, but isn't a maximum.  If you want to repeat or alternate in previous weeks' sessions every other day or 2x a day, or squeeze in different exercise sessions, do so at your heart's content. 
What does the name HAU mean?
HAU stands for Healthy Active U (you) & is about HOW TO be FIT & live your healthiest life.  It also means How Are U? Which is the most basic question we can ask ourselves & others. The answer to this question often depends on our health. HAU 2 FIT ™ wants your answer to be "great!"
What if I have other questions?
Email us at & we'll usually respond within 1 business day to your questions. Looking forward to hearing from you & helping you out!



You have nothing to lose & everything to gain with our 100% action-based money-back guarantee. If you do everything as recommended in the HAU 2 FIT ™ program & AFTER 30 days are not satisfied, send us a message requesting a refund within the next 14 days (between 31-45 days of signing up) & we'll refund 100% of your money (you'll lose future access). We're confident that if you stick to the program for at least 30 days, you'll start feeling & even seeing results that you won't want to stop & will finish the entire program.

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